image by left-my-heart-in-paris

Its 55 days until we fly out of Adelaide. We’ve been dabbling in the planning for a while now, and have made pretty good progress so far – still a little way to go!

We really want our trip to be balanced – with room for spontaneity, but still organised enough to relax and enjoy without wasting time stressfully looking up directions in a foreign language and or back-tracking. We want to soak up the atmosphere and make the most of every minute, without rushing to see every famous site/museum/art gallery/tourist trap.

So, with this in mind, we have spoken to family and friends who have travelled to Europe. It has amused me to hear everyone’s  very different travel tips, hints and must see’s. I’ve also found many blogs and articles online very helpful – with these ones being my absolute fave. We’ve gathered information from magazines, borrowed travel guides and slept through watched cliché travel DVD’s.  We’ve dreamed, and pinned and written lists, refined them and re-written them. Our itinerary is:





Cinque Terre



Just need to book accommodation for the last couple of stops and we are done!

(Image from left my heart in paris)


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