here’s a few of the things we’ve been eating..


lamb + lentil salad: recipe adapted from this one on from the kitchen . I cheated quite a lot:

I used canned baby beets, skipped the onion, and used canned lentils. It still tasted amazing! Also, here is a neat trick about how to neatly seed pomegranates! 


chilli beef dumplings: Our dumpling experimenting continues… not only due to the fact that they are delish, but also because the gow gee dumpling pastry came in a 1kg pack! Next up, Aaron wants to try making the dough!


lemongrass chicken cold rolls: A fresh fave – easy and yum. We make them up as we go along.


ice-cream: I made 3 types of home-made ice-cream for Aaron’s birthday party on Sunday night. I was so happy that they all worked out and tasted mighty good: chocolate hazelnut, peaches + cream, rhubarb + strawberry (I adapted this recipe)


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