(image from cntraveler via pinterest)

I’ve started looking into our next trip (fingers crossed it becomes a reality). We’ve decided Japan would be amazing, and I’m rather embarrassed to admit I don’t know a whole lot about Japan, which makes trip planning hard – where to start? Here’s how I research:

Pinterest : One of my favourite ways to begin travel research is by setting up a new board dedicated to the destination– it’s so inspirational! The images can often link back to websites with great information; I even found the hotel we stayed at in Zurich via pinterest!


(image from pinterest)

Travel Blogs: I find personal recommendations so valuable. You enjoy blogs that you can relate to, so it’s just common sense you’ll enjoy the same things – wether it be restaurants, accommodation or things to see. I’m yet to find one on Japan… but these ones are brilliant for other destinations: Hither and Thither and The Londoner.

f575e308b72330a48f2b03a642577f48(image from pinterest)

Lonely Planet: need I say more? The best of all travel guides, the cream of the crop, the A Grader. I’ve placed the book and DVD on hold at my local library – can’t wait to get stuck in!


(image from pinterest)

Google Maps: always handy to start getting your bearings and getting some idea about travel time and distance (and how good is street view?!)

A few days in Tokyo are no negotiable in my book – I’m a city lover, but the main reason for our trip is to experience the renowned Japanese snow. We’re still looking into the different areas to decide which will work best for us so I’m gathering information from all sources!

Have you been to Japan? Ideas warmly welcomed! x


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