We just bought our first home – an expensive and time consuming undertaking  which I won’t get started on, but, it means that if we are seriously looking at going to Japan for the snow season – we need to pull our socks up!


(flowers from our new garden)

Here’s my plan:


  • Flights are usually the biggest expense, so it’s worth taking the time to find the best prices. I like to use Expedia to compare prices.
  • Accommodation is the second biggest expense and can vary in price immensely, depending on the type of accommodation you’re after. We mostly used Air BNB through Europe.
  • Annual Leave – Will you be getting paid while you are away? If YES – Happy Days! If NO (we are always in negative leave) some extra planning may be required.
  • Cost Estimate – Compile a total cost estimate of the trip – don’t forget to include any bills/payments that will be due while you are away.


(picture found on pinterest)


  • Work out how much we need to save per month to be able to go
  • Plan out expenses – especially big ones (hello house renovations) but don’t forget the small ones as well (if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves..)
  • Watch your spending and saving like a hawk – be on top of it! I like to have my money in separate accounts so I can see what’s going on.


Here’s some things I’ve thought of that will help us save up for Japan:

  • Grocery Shop Online – I love shopping online with Banana Blue. This allows me to keep track of my total spend as I go, and ensure I don’t go over budget.
  • Packed Lunch – Yes, it does take some planning, (left overs are the best) but we could be saving up to $150 per week.
  • Sell Things  – We did a big clean up before moving house and sold a whole heap of things on Gumtree. I’d like to see if there is anything else we can sell.
  • Cans & Bottles Refunds – In South Australia, we get 10c per can or bottle that we take into recycling. We did this for our Europe trip, and basically funded our daily coffees!
  • Ride Your Bike – I’ve gone back to catching the bus until I get a speedy new bike and it’s reminded me that public transport is not only un-reliable, uncomfortable and slow, it’s also darn expensive! Riding a bike would save me up to $52 per week.

bike(my dream bike from Custom Fixies)

Stop Buying Coffee – I’m not sure if this one is possible…and I’m not even sure I’m willing to try it…. But it could save us $42per week.


(Coffee at Monday’s Coffee Store)

I’m going to give these ideas my best shot!

I’ve also entered the Heritage Bank Blog Awards 2015 – Please vote for me HERE for your chance to win $100!

I’d love to hear if you save for your holidays and how you do it!




  1. estelleocallaghan says:

    Some ideas on food budget>
    3 soup per week- homemade. chicken carcus from market $0.35
    grow your own, and swap surplus. keep chooks.
    checkout ripenearme
    buy from dan murphy when specials are on
    make your own bread often.
    use slow cooker and twice cooked menu.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bec says:

    If you have a mortgage with an offset account/redraw facility it’s a good idea to put all your holiday savings on your mortgage until you need to spend it. That way you are reducing interest on your mortgage AND you don’t have to pay tax on interest earned.

    Banana Blue is great too 🙂


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