We arrived in Kyoto yesterday afternoon after several train journeys. We headed straight out to a sake bar where I had booked us into sake tasting. It was great to learn more about the Japanese drink.


Sake Bar

The next day we headed out to explore.  We started with egg and bacon danishes for breakfast



Then headed to a coffee shop I’d found in my research. The batista here has several world championship titles.


% Arabica Coffee Roastery

When then wandered the streets and shops stopping to browse and try local cuisine along the way.


Still not sure what these are – not very tasty but very popular!


Some blossom!


View from Kiyomizu-Dera Temple.


Happy Travellers!


A beautiful stone bridge


Beef Buns for lunch


Coffee Stop Two – Vermillion

We then headed into Fushimi Inari Taisha – a shrine famous for its Torii Gate Tunnels. The tunnels weave they’re way up and down hills and go on forever – quite stunning!


So much orange!

For dinner, I had booked Obanzai Menami. It took us a while to find, but luckily the locals are so lovely and helpful. The staff were just as delightful and even though had little English, they made sure we were comfortable and made us feel so welcome! All the dishes are up on the counter in giant bowls so we just pointed to the things we wanted.  We had the best pork dumplings I’ve tasted, melt-in-your-mouth steamed duck breast, tofu,  Lotus root balls and mackrel jaw.  Everything was amazing and we had a lovely night. We would highly recommend this restaurant (which I found on this travel blog)



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